If you get a call from someone saying they caught an error on your account, or they need to get you new compliant equipment, etc...get their name and number, then hang up! They will act like they are calling from your processing company, but they could be crooks. They trick people into switching to their company for credit card processing...then you are locked in to a new contract with what will likely be huge fees and even bigger fees for cancelling.  I have even seen similar situations where they do not switch your processing, but they do empty your bank account and disappear.

This scam can cost you a lot of money. One company almost got one of my clients last week with their fraudulent trickery. The rep called my client saying they found an error on their bill, that they were double charged for their monthly fee and they already corrected the error.  This was partially true.  There was an error, but it was fixed by my company immediately and it had nothing to do with this company calling my client. 

These bottom feeders listen for an issue with a large processor then they get on the phones randomly calling businesses using the same line every time until they get someone that falls for their trick.  By the time it is over the business is now in a new contract that gives this fraudulent company full legal access to the business’ bank accounts and revokes the business’ right to sue said fraudulent company.  It is a genuine nightmare that commonly costs the business many thousands of dollars.

Always call your processing company or your rep before giving anyone information about your merchant account. Do not call the number provided by the person calling you.  You will just be led back into the hands of the same crooks that called you.  The number for your real credit card processor is on your statement, but you should also have your reps cell number if you have a good rep. 



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