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Greatly reduce or eliminate your credit card processing fees.

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Merchant Owl helps you reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of processing credit card payments. We uncover all of your potential savings and design your own, custom merchant account that best fits your business needs.

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Cash Discount

Lets you pass some or all of the fees on to your customers and keep more of your hard earned money!

Interchange Plus

Get access to wholesale credit card processing rates and reduced transaction markups.

Flat Rate

Offering you the lowest flat-rate pricing in the industry. Much better than the big name players.

Savings For All Types of Business







Mobile Payments & Terminals

Custom Payment Solutions

We help any business type and size save money on their processing, but equally focus on providing exceptional service, so that you can be sure your processor will be there when you need it the most.

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Keep More Of Your Revenue

Merchant Owl was created to help business owners understand credit card processing so they can make informed decisions and lower their costs. We’re committed to educating our clients and will always make our decisions based on what is best for your organization.

Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees


0% Processing Fees

Pass some or all of the fees on to your customer for non-cash payments.


Increased Revenue

Cash discount is an easy way to add more revenue.


Wide Compatibility

Our cash discount program can be placed on terminals, virtual terminals and a number of POS Systems.

"Merchant Owl is the consummate professional, and one of the most trustworthy individuals in Merchant Services. He truly cares about his clients and their bottom line. I recommend him highly!"
Gina Simms - Merchant Owl Testimonial
Gina Simms
Insurance and Benefits Advisors

Driving profitability for our partners

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The Real Deal.

“Merchant Owl is the real deal. Not a fly by night company. Merchant Owl is a 15 year veteran of the credit card processing industry. I have referred them on many occasions to restaurant owners & other business owners I know….all of them are still very pleased with the quality service, equipment & savings!!”

Jeff Singletary - Realtor, Keller Williams Heritage

Exceeded All Expectations!

“Merchant Owl exceeded all expectations! He takes an honest look at what you are spending, and how the charges are allocated, then shows you ways to cut your costs dramatically! I can’t believe I waited so long to look into this. I recommend Merchant Owl to all my fellow business owners.”

Ernesto DiCarlantonio - CEO, At Home Keys

No More Rate Increases

The credit card processing industry is plagued by financial predators who want to keep you in the dark so they can continue to overcharge you and fatten their wallets. Our mission is to help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket where it belongs.


Merchant Owl answers to no one processing company. We strive to provide the best solution for each business, treating them as individuals with unique needs. We also work to provide the best rates possible and the best service. We can do this by not being married to one processor or being at their mercy when it comes to rate increases and service levels. We have the freedom to place our clients where we wish and move them if necessary to find a better solution.

Yes and we also have same day and instant funding options coming soon!

Yes, but we do not charge early termination fees. We do not believe in holding our clients hostage. We earn your business every day, the honest way.

We have multiple payment programs available including interchange plus (also known as wholesale pricing), cash discount where you pass some or all of the fees on to your customer and flat rate. We guarantee the best pricing and will complete a free analysis for you to find out what your rate will be if you make a change.

Yes, we process all card types including contactless payments.

We have extensive experience and a team of professionals dedicated to helping you find the best POS System to fit your budget and needs. Best of all, there is no fee for this service. If you choose a POS System we recommend, we are compensated from the processing revenue. In addition, we do not charge higher fees for our POS System clients. In fact, our fees are much lower than our competition.